Molecular Diagnostics

Gen Era provides public & private hospitals and private laboratories with instruments, molecular tests, application and bioinformatics services for New Generation Sequencing, Microarray and PCR.


With on-site applications, pre and post sales support, customer trainings as well as comprehensive bioinformatics service; we aim to support our customers create fast and accurate test results.

How we integrate bioinformatics to our diagnostic solutions?

From new generation sequencing and microarray to metagenomics, Gen Era’s expert bioinformatics team provide full support to clinicians and researchers for data analysis.


Our genome analysts assist clinicians for fast and accurate analysis of high amounts of data produced with new generation genomic technologies. Team provides one-to-one interviews with clinicians to determine the best analysis approach, and give on-site and remote support during variant prioritization and reporting. Thanks to GenerAVI automatic variant annotation and reporting program developed by Gen Era, all variants associated with the disease/phenotype are presented in a comprehensible report.


For microarray applications, detected anomalies, OMIM genes located in the anomaly region, diseases registered in ISCA, Clingen or Decipher are submitted in the analysis report.

Exom Sequencing
Metabolic Diseases
Hereditary Cancers
Other Genetic Diseases