Data Security Policy

Gen Era has acquired the TS EN ISO 270001 Data Security Certification in 2019 as part of its data security policy. Since its foundation 2013, Gen Era has been working hard in order to become the leading initiative in the field of molecular diagnosis and life sciences. We aim to create value for scientists, clinicians, laboratories and, ultimately, end-users, with our competent staff and broad product portfolio created by purposefully combining products and services. While carrying out these activities, in accordance with the TS EN ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard, it is based on securing risk management, measuring the information security management process performance and organizing its relations with third parties on information security issues.


Accordingly, our Information Security Policy enables the following;

1. Gen Era Diagnostik A.Ş. protects the information assets, to ensure the accessibility of information with business processes as required, to meet the requirements of legal legislation,

2. We ensure the continuity of accessibility, integrity and confidentiality which are the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System.


3. Not only electronic data:  We ensure security of all data in written, printed, verbally communicated and provided in similar media.


4. Gen Era ensures awareness of all employees about its Information Security Policy through continuous training.


5. In our policy all information security vulnerabilities that actually exist or are suspected are taken into account.

6. Ensures business continuity by determining risks through continuous evaluation of its Information Security Policy.

7. Gen Era tries to prevent all kinds of conflicts and conflicts of interest that may arise from contracts.


8. By doing so Gen Era meets business requirements for information accessibility and information systems.

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