Solution Partners

Agilent Technologies

Gen Era is distributor of Multiplicom portfolio of Agilent.

Agilent manufactures multiplex PCR based kits optimised for next generation sequencing applications. Offers solutions for genetic disorders, cancer and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis.


Offers a wide range of molecular diagnostics products for oncology precision medicine, including but not limited to EGFR, KRAS, NRAS and BRAF, as well as new molecular targets using NGS and realtime PCR medthods.

Archer Dx

Produces New Generation Sequencing kits with Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMPTM) technology of high sensitivity. Offers solutions for detection of fusions, expression levels, SNVs & InDels and CNVs in various cancers and hematological malignancies.

Becton Dickinson (BD)

Gen Era is the distributor of BD's fully automated microbiology platform BD Max and  BD Viper automated system for HPV detection.


Offers systems, reagents and consumables for DNA, RNA, protein and cell research. Manufacturer of high-tech systems such as Digital PCR, flow cytometry and chromatography

Integrated DNA Technologies

Specialized in oligo design for molecular biology applications such as Next Generation Sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, qPCR and RNA interference with more than 30 years of experience.


Manifactures sequencing devices and kits for life sciences, genomics and molecular diagnostics. The reliable Array and sequencing based solutions are primarily preferred in the scientific environment and leads the market.

Sophia Genetics

As a global leader in data driven medicine, the manifacturer of the AI SOPHIA, Sophia Genetics, offers user firendly next generation data analysis environment for clinicians. Also, produces several NGS library kits for different purposes.

Paragon Genomics

Manifactures sensitive, easily applicable and cost effective targeted NGS kits with “CleanPlex” techonology. Allows custom panel design on demand.

Takara Bio Inc.

Takara, Clontech, Cellartis, Rubicon and Wafergen brands under Takara Bio is known with the high quality enzymes and extensive product portfolio. As of November 2017, Gen Era distrubutres Takara Bio products in Turkey.


Serves by production of antibodies, ELISA and fusion proteins as well as sustains indiviudal need of the customers. The approach which allows exchange and refund for the products are not working, removes the barriers in front of your protein research.

Sera Care

Offers Patient-like reference materials and lab QC programs for in vitro diagnostics developers, clinical laboratories, and life science researchers to support advanced diagnostic applications such as next-generation sequencing and digital PCR.