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Frequent mutations of HIV causes is a major problem for treatment of patients. To overcome this problem, HIV drug resistance tests are recommended for patients during or prior to treatment.

Get more information on genotyping of HIV RT/PROT and INT regions by New Generation Sequencing and automated reporting.

As genetic basis of brain and nervous system diseases begin to emerge, genetic tests became of importance for definitive diagnosis. By New Generation Sequencing, it is now possible to determine the genetic components of neurological diseases.

Our comprehensive gene panels enables detection of disease-causing variants for complex diseases such as epilepsy, intellectual disability, neuromuscular and neurometabolic disorders.


Micro RNAs as a subtype of non-coding RNAs effect gene regulation in cells. It is thought tht 30% of all mammalian genes are regulated by miRNAs. Their expression changes depending on the time and location. 


More information is available below for your sequencing, qPCR, induction, inhibition, in situ research studies.

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